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The Cambridge Structural Database (CSD), operated by the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) since 1965, is a comprehensive database offering crystallographic information on organic, metal-organic, and organometallic compounds. It provides information on chemical formulas, 3D structures, and relevant literature.

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Access and Authentication

To access CSD, follow these steps:

 1. Log in to DGIST library's website. :

 2. Navigate to the Online Resources-Databases page.

 3. Scroll down to find the CSD section.

 4. Download the manual for detailed instructions. Access and authentication details, including the activation key, are available on the manual.


This resource is exclusively available for members of DGIST. Please refrain from granting access to individuals outside DGIST, and for security reasons, do not share your credentials with others. To make the most of this resource, we recommend carefully reviewing the online materials and guidelines.

Using CSD - A Quick Guide

✅ Search and Browse
Explore the extensive database using the search feature.
Utilize filters to refine your search based on compound types, structures, and more.
✅ Viewing Crystal Structures
Access detailed information on crystal structures.
Utilize visualization tools to examine structures.
✅ Downloading Data
Download crystallographic data for further analysis.
Follow the guidelines in the usage manual for proper data usage.
✅ Support and Resources
Visit the 'Support and Resources' page for an overview. :
Make the most of these resources to enhance your efficiency and proficiency in utilizing The Cambridge Structural Database.