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교외접속서비스 안내 (Off-Campus Access)



"Campus Activated Subscriber Access(CASA)"란 교외에서도 교내와 동일하게 Google Scholar를 통해 DGIST 도서관이 구독하는 학술자원의 원문을 볼 수 있도록 해주는 서비스입니다.

사용하는 노트북이나 모바일 기기에서 교내 와이파이 혹은 도서관 교외접속서비스(Proxy), VPN 등을 통해 Google Scholar에 방문하세요.

(교외접속 링크:

이 단 한번의 인증으로 Google은 사용 기기에 DGIST 도서관 인증정보를 기록하고, 30일간 저장합니다. 이후에는 교외 네트워크에서도 교내에서와 동일한 원문 링크([HTML], [PDF])가 표시되며, 도서관에서 구독하는 논문이나 eBook의 원문을 볼 수 있습니다. (단, Google과 제휴한 출판사의 콘텐츠에 한합니다.)

You can read subscribed articles when you are off-campus just as easily as when you are on-campus. Campus Activated Subscriber Access(CASA) works by recording DGIST Library's subscriptions when you visit Google Scholar while on-campus, and looking up the recorded subscriptions later when you are off-campus. 

(Off-campus proxy URL:

Google Scholar uses the recorded subscriptions to provide you with the same subscribed access links as you see on campus. You will experience seamless access to the DGIST library’s licensed content at home and on mobile devices. Google Scholar also indicates your subscription access to participating publishers so that they can allow you to read the full-text of these articles without logging in or using a proxy. The recorded subscription information expires after 30 days and is automatically deleted.

In addition to Google Scholar search results, off-campus access links can also appear on articles from publishers participating in the off-campus subscription access program. Look for links labeled [PDF] or [HTML] on the right-hand side of article pages.

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