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2021' 08' 학위논문 제출 방법 안내

Thesis Submission Guide

Please submit the following thesis deadline for prospective degree candidates in August 2021.
Please read all the details below and refer to the attached document for details.



<Submission Procedure>


 1. Upload an electronic dissertation

   ○ Online submission site (dCollection):

   ○ File composition and writing: The electronic dissertation should be composed of one file and written in the same way

      as the submitted (printed) thesis.

   ○ File format: Hangeul(HWP), MS-Word, PDF etc.

   ○ Submission period: 2021. 6. 17.(Thursday) ~ 7. 2.(Friday) by 13:00


 2. Printout "Agreement on Original Contents Provision"

   ○ If there is no modification after submitting the paper in dCollection, the manager will approve the process. If the thesis is

    approved, Agreement on Original Contents Provision should be printed and submitted.

     * Signature is required

      * After the status of the dissertation is “Submit Complete” or “Verification Completion” in My Notice, you can print it

      * It takes about 4 hours to approve (Approved after 18:00 or after holiday, next day or after holiday)


 3. Submit printed thesis and consent form

   ○ What to submit : 3 copies of printed thesis, 1 copy of "Agreement on Original Contents Provision"

   ○ Where to submit : Information desk on the first floor of the DGIST Central Library(E8)

   ○ When to submit : 2021. 6. 17.(Thursday) ~ 7. 2.(Friday) 13:00 ~ 18:00 ※ Excluding holidays


<Login Account Information>


 1. Login verification is not possible until you are confirmed as a prospective graduate and receive an e-mail.

 2. Click Login and click "Login procedure of submitter" below.

 3. Enter your ID (student ID), name, and e-mail address.

 4. The verification URL will be sent to this email. Please set your own password after authentication.

 5. After you log in, select "Submit" to begin submitting.


<Bookmark list>

 ○ How to enter bookmark list

  - Be sure to delete the table of contents information in front of the introductionof Abstract

  - Be sure to delete the dots between each item and page in the table of contents.

  - Please be sure to enter the page in Arabic numerals in all the items in the table of contents (including chapter titles).


Ⅰ. Introduction 1

1. The Necessity and Purpose of Research 1

2. Research Question 3

3. Contents and methods of study 4

4. Research Procedure 6

Ⅱ. Theoretical Background 8


 ○ Set bookmark start page : Enter the actual page number(word processor, page on the PDF reader) at which the body starts.

  ※ Count the number of pages from the cover page to the page where the text begins, and write Arabic numerals in the start page settings.


<Instructions for Submission>


 ○ A submitted thesis will be distributed immediately upon approval. Please consult with your professor before choosing

   whether or not to agree on thesis provision.

 ○ The copyright agreement is based on the agreement to provide the original service, and disagreement is not allowed.

    However, if you need to suspend the publication of the original contents, such as patent application or journal publication,

    click “Agree” and set “Full-text service date limit”

 ○ The publication date setting for “Full-text service” is applicable only to the original full text. If you want to restrict

    the access to the abstract, please Check the abstract separately. If it is table of contents, you should write separatel

    in “Reason for setting full-text service start date”

     * “Full-text service start date” can be set from at least one month later

      * Extension is possible once, up to 5 years can be set including extension.

      * Full text will be released after the “Full-text service start date”

 ○ Even if the Full text is suspended or closed, basic meta-information will open public except for the abstract and table of

    contents. In addition, if all meta information (Abstract, Table of Contents) is private, the search is impossible and the

    user cannot use it.

 ○ If the thesis needs to be corrected after the submission is completed, it is possible only if the manager returns it, and so

    you check thoroughly the submission because the process of returning and resubmitting may be delayed slightly.



 ○ Submit your dissertation (dCollection / Printed) :Kim Min-Seob  ( / 053-785-1173 Extension number 1173)

 ○ Writing a dissertation and overall graduation status : Han Min-kyung ( / 053-785-5132 Extension number 5132)