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Integrating Library Resources into LMS

This guide will show you how to find, link to, and otherwise make use of the most appropriate library resources for your online teaching in LMS.

How to add the URL of the resources to LMS

When making an article available within LMS, it is best, whenever possible, to provide a link to the article from the library's databases, rather than uploading a PDF. Making additional copies of a work may violate Fair Use.

1. Copy your link(persistent URL or DOI)
2. Add the proxy URL in front of the URL:

You will need to add the Proxy information so that students who are off-campus can click on the link and be prompted to log in. If you just copy the URL at the top of the screen, your off-campus students may not have access because the URL does not always include the proxy information. It depends on the database. (For more information about 'Off-Campus Access'…)

3. head to LMS.
4. In LMS, head to Build Content(콘텐츠 생성) > Web Link(웹 링크)

5. Enter some information about the article (ex. title and last name of author) in the Name field, and paste the URL in the URL field.
6. Click Submit - you're done!

How to add the embed code of the video resources to LMS

1. Head to LMS(Blackboard) > Build Content > Item.


2. Click the '<>(Source Code)' button.


3. A pop-up window will open: paste your embed code.


4. Click 'Save' and 'Submit'.